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Classified ads are not something you would say ever goes out of style. There is a valid reason why these promotions will always remain a staple in the classic traditional newspaper as well as the modern medium of the internet. This form of advertising works.

When you post free online ads when you have something for sale and someone is looking for what you have to offer,ads act as the perfect resource in which all the parties can come together.

In short, buyer and seller can connect via ads.

That certainly would be a positive thing on a number of levels.

On a most basic level, when you post free classified ads your ad is a form of herald that lets people know that you have something for sale.

Placed in a proper venue, the eyes of interested parties will come across the ads.

From this, inquiries or outright purchases will be possible based on the discovery of the promotion.

Or at least that is the plan....

When you post free ads you have nothing to loose and everything to gain

One thing that needs to be pointed out is that while free ad resources have their value, they can also be known for generating a lot of less than serious inquiries.

Why is this so?

Basically, anyone and everyone can come across the ads since there are available for all to see.

This means even those that might have a less than serious interest in the product/service being offered may put forth an inquiry.

However regardless if the response generated is serious or otherwise you still need a webpage to send your visitors to.

This could be an affiliate offer sales page or perhaps your own website.

Classified ads provide traffic and valuable back links to your website so of course you want your visitor to land on a well built and constructed page.

If you don't have a website as yet there are many great web hosts to choose from but I always recommend Sitesell to my clients as a leading host for online small business.


With the proven CTPM method you learn how to build your website properly and therefore you get the most out of your ad campaign when you direct your visitors to specific pages related to your advertisement.

This is why if you are directing them to your own website it is sometimes best to make the investment in placing an ad on an online service that requires a subscription.

Since the ads would be in a private area of an online community, fewer eyes would see the ad.

Yet, those that do see the ad may end up being a lot more serious which means the potential to sell what you have to offer is enhanced.

Ultimately, a ad's success will be based strongly on those that are seeing it.

Hence, the venue in which an ad is placed needs to be a viable one in order to boost success potential.

This does lead us to the next very important point regarding devising a successful ad.

As a rule, the copywriting designed to craft the classified ad needs to be top of the line.

You cannot embody the common negative traits of poor copywriting when you devise classified ads.

You do not want the ad to be to long or too brief.

Obviously, it should be well-written and clearly expository. The elements that need to be present in such an add so to be a clear identification of what you are selling, a brief description, perhaps an advertising tag line if needed, and contact/purchasing information.

An ad need not be anything more complex than that.

Probably the greatest benefit of classified advertising would be that people react quite well to it.

When a method of advertising is tried and true and has long since been established to deliver positive results then it is definitely well worth continuing with.

Why step away from working with something that does what it is intended?

Consider that my strongest endorsement for classified ads.

I personally use a software called "The Classified Connection"

Using classified advertising has been a very successful marketing strategy in my webmaster services for my clients and myself.

The problem I had encountered was the time consumed by placing the ads on the various online classifieds.

The Classified Connection allows me to place my various ads on thousands of online classified sites easily because you only have to make the ad once and the submission is done in minutes.

Here are two other excellent automated classified submission software you can find at the same website, My Free Classifieds and My Backpage.

ADVERTIGO.NET - Advertise anything free classified ads from around the world

The Company that released them is called Creative Software Systems.

Of course there are other submission software but I personally like theirs because the prices are reasonable and you get to "try before you buy".

Regardless of your choice of companies using an classified ads automated submission service is a definite asset to any serious online business owner in my books!

Post Free Classified Ads Every Single Day!

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