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Looking for an affordable ecommerce solution for building an online store?
Perhaps you already have a brick and mortar store and are looking to expand you business online or you might be looking to start an ecommerce store as a home based business. Regardless of the reasons why there are some common errors that are made by newbies everyday.

Building an online store is now easier than ever however getting traffic to your store sadly is not.

The shocking statistic of 98% of new ecommerce stores that have failed is a testament as to why you need to be prepared to build your online store with the right knowledge of how to to also build traffic.

After all no traffic means no business not to mention the disappointment.

Traffic building requires much more than simply submitting your ecommerce store website to the search engines like MSN, Google and Yahoo. Due to lack of knowledge many people truly expect to see their website ranking high simply because they took the time to submit their site.

Search engines provide a source of free traffic for your online business when you know how to use them properly however the competition for an ecommerce storefrount is fierce!

Paid traffic can be extremely costly and is not an affordable ecommerce solution to most new owners. Worse than that is that the big names like Amazon, E-Bay and Yahoo spent literally millions to build their online reputation and people who are shopping online are very familiar with these types of stores as opposed to knowing your ecommerce store name and finding your store!

Unlike your local business in your town or city surfers can’t just drive by your store, nor do they know your how do you get your store found?

The truth is you probably won't!

New owners tend to submit their sites to the search engines using keywords like "shopping" or "online store" or “their store name”. Lack of knowledge on keywords and proper selection and usage leaves them virtually unsearchable.

Another serious mistake is building an ecommerce storefrount that is “hard core sales” The search engines recognise the surfers interest in quality content information and therefore reward the online stores who provide this information by higher rankings.

Hard core sales sites are becoming a thing of the past and one now needs to recognise that Content Is King! Of course if you're prepared to spend millions of dollars in advertising every month then certainly the traffic will come also but most of us just don’t have the financial resources for that and there fore need to find an affordable ecommerce solution.

The majority of online shoppers will go to their favourite retailer websites. Generally they don’t do a search for a particular product unless they are looking for a very specific type of product that they have not been able to find at the top retail stores.

With this knowledge you now can begin to understand how difficult it is going to be for your ecommerce storefrount to compete with these popular retail giants.
What Is The Affordable Ecommerce Solution? Build A Niche Store!

What is a Niche Website and a Niche Store?

When selling on the internet in order to be competitive you need to understand the concept of a niche. A niche is a website that focuses on a particular product or topic.

Within any particular niches there are many sub niches which are similar or related.

For example if you own a camera store you would specialize in your chosen products but also have related sub niches such as camera accessories etc.

Research needs to be done on your niche before you start to build your store to determine if your topic is too broad (difficult to compete with the giants) or too narrow (probably won’t attract too many buyers due to low volume demand).

By researching and determining a niche that will be profitable before you begin you will have a good start to building a successful online store instead of trying to build a shopping site that sells an enormous amount of different products.

When you are selling on the internet it is always wise to start out small and really capitalize on a niche or product that you are already familiar and knowledgeable about.

Let's say you make custom jewellery as a hobby from your home. It would be much easier to drive traffic to a store that sells a specific type of jewellery than to try to open a store that sells all types of jewellery like or other popular jewellery stores.

That way you can benefit from the people searching for very specific keywords about the type of jewellery you make.

Why Is A Niche Store An Affordable Ecommerce Solution?

Niche websites have much less competition due to the fact of the type of product that they specialize in.

You can test this out yourself by doing a Google search comparing the results when you type in "online shopping for jewellery" versus “handcrafted jewellery ".

"Online shopping for jewellery" is a much more popular searched term, but you're competing with so many other webmasters who have top websites and lots of them will be giants in the industry with a large advertising budget as well.

One of the keys when selling on the internet without breaking the bank is getting free traffic from Google by writing keyword rich quality content and continuing to write more content.

If your niche store is on a hobby or particular type of topic or product you can write multiple pages of content on this subject to help funnel in even more targeted traffic.

The more keyword focused pages you have on your site, the greater chance the search engines will find your site, thus bringing you more visitors and customers

Your keyword rich content you provide is pleasing to both the search engines and your human visitors. By pre selling as opposed to hard core sales you develop a relationship with your traffic and convert them into warm willing buyers.

When selling on the internet creating an information site first and then linking it to your ecommerce store frount is an effective way to build trust and convert visitors into buyers.

More traffic will hopefully mean more sales for you in the long-run.
You will notice when you go a niche website that they offer much more than just shopping. The best ones satisfy both the engines and the human visitors by providing numerous articles and information about their particular niche.

The keyword rich content pages play a very important role because they are able to generate free traffic from the search engines. So instead of just promoting an online store which simply shows the products, these content pages do the marketing for you by providing the information first and then linking to the actual store where the sales are made.

One of the leading niche websites in the world is which was built about the sport of juggling.

It will be well worth your time to navigate over and see how Jim has created one of the most profitable websites on the net using an affordable ecommerce solution.

You can do the same with the product/ topic/niche of your choice.

Jim and thousands of other entrepreneurs started their online businesses with a web host called Site Build It!

Site Build It is far more than a web host they are an affordable ecommerce solution and they are recognized worldwide as the leading web host for online business.

SBI is an affordable ecommerce solution that provides you with everything you need to build a profitable business, in fact the Action Guide

leads you step by step through the building process and is further supported by all the tools required so you can concentrate simply on your business and not worry about the technical stuff.

Site Build It even provides a tool called Brainstorm It! Which helps you select the right niche/ topic to create your website which will generate traffic and then sales from your linked online store.

Site Build It offers too many other traffic building tools to mention here but before you begin compare web hosts to see the value and benefits of using their system and tools.

Follow this link to for proof of their “SBIERS” online business success stories.
The key to selling on the internet by making your store popular and profitable is to build your main site first and using it as the gateway to your online store

Stand alone stores are very difficult to get high rankings on. In fact, most search engines won't even add your store to their index by itself, but they will list your main website that links to your store. So that's why you need to focus on that main site first.

Site Build It! Offers an affordable ecommerce solution with the proper education and tools that are needed to gradually build a profitable business step by step.
Build your store on your content site or link it to a free online store.

Another excellent affordable ecommerce solution which offers an all in one niche store that earns revenue by affiliating with eBay that I highly recommend is called BANS (Build A Niche Store)

If you are new to building a website, I strongly recommend you either consider Site Build It! or Build A Niche Store

Both have generated a solid reputation online for helping people make money with a store and they give new webmasters the guidance and tools they need to get started properly and succeed.

My final advice to you is to take your time and do your homework first.

Make sure you find an affordable ecommerce solution that suit both your budget and your online business needs.

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