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Business Sense Website Builder offers an affordable home based business opportunity in Edmonton Alberta, Winnipeg Manitoba and areas abroad.

Discover how easy and fun building your own website can be.

These niche websites drive traffic and become profitable home based businesses for stay at home moms & dads, retired folks, students and everyone in between!

Most people have thought of starting an online business at one time or another.

Sadly what the majority of people don’t understand is that it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture and they end up hiring a webmaster to build a website that well .... simply doesn’t get any traffic and therefore there isn’t any business.

Watch this video on an affordable home based business opportunity that anyone can succeed with for under a dollar a day.

Building your own website is easy when you have the right system and tools!

So what does it take to build a profitable online business?

The first thing you will want to do is decide on a niche.

Niche websites are theme based websites that can be built on any topic under the sun so of course you can use your interests and knowledge to build your own profitable business online.

After all everybody know something about something right?

In order to be successful it is important to determine if the niche you choose is too narrow or too broad.

That means if you pick a niche that is not very popular and the keywords for your site have a very low demand you likely will not be able to build a website that becomes very lucrative.

On the other hand if you choose a topic that is too popular it can be a costly and sometimes a very discouraging task trying to compete with established major players.

The Key to successful niche websites is to find a topic that interests you that has reasonable demand and low supply in order to be profitable.

“Content is King” for today’s successful online businesses.

Yellow pages are becoming a thing of the past now.

In today’s times people wanting information usually “google” their query in order to find the information they are interested in.

Niche websites that provide quality information or content that are keyword focused using words that are reasonable demand and low supply will quickly rise high in search engine rankings.

Therefore your great information on your specific topic becomes very easy for people to access.

Website traffic starts to build as you continue building your own website with quality information and with each page being properly optimized with keywords that have been properly researched.

As you continue building your keyword focused pages the momentum for your site increases overtime with more and more visitors coming to your website.

People generally are fed up with the high pitch sales pages

Pre selling is the key to keeping your visitors on your website and returning in the future.

Pre selling refers to building a relationship of trust with your visitors by offering quality interesting information for them and avoiding the “hard sell”.

Download the Free Online Books from our library to get a better understanding of the art of pre selling , how to do it and why it works.

You don’t need to be an accomplished author all you need do is share your knowledge and enthusiasm for your niche with your readers.

The Netwriting Masters Course will give you a lot of great tips and ideas on how you can write content that will keep your visitors coming back and eventually becoming Loyal Customers.

Don't worry most people are nervous about writing their own content but the truth of the matter is that most of your visitors will love the way that your information is presented because it's real.

Business Sense Website Builder has a large variety of other helpful Free Online Books for directory submissions, article writing and submissions, blogging and building profitable niche websites. Download one or download them all!

If you follow the simple steps your website traffic will become ever growing with warm, willing to buy customers because of the great content and information you provided them with they start to view you as a trusted expert on your topic.

Let’s face it people are more eager to buy products and services from people they like and trust then they are from the hard sell types!

C T P M, the proven way to create a Small Business Website and a Profitable e-business

The final stage in building your own website and most people’s favorite part is monetizing the website.

Anyone Can Take Advantage Of This Affordable Home Based Business Opportunity! All you need is the right system and tools!

Business Sense Website Builder uses Site Sell as the web host of choice for niche websites.

Site Sell provides just that ... an affordable home based business opportunity for anyone interested and provides the right system and all the tools to get the job done successfully.

The Action Guide provided with each hosting package is easy to follow and guides you step by step through the business building process. This online business building course is taught at major universities worldwide.

The tools provided with your hosting package if bought separately would exceed $5000.00 US.

This package has invaluable tools such as Niche Find It, BrainstormI!t, Value exchange, Form Build it and so much more!

We think that is great value for building you own website for less than a dollar a day it proves to be a truly affordable home based business opportunity for all!

If you are looking for an affordable home based business opportunity which is guaranteed to be profitable Site Sell is worth taking a look at.

Be sure to check out results for these niche websites are proven to rise into the top percentiles when the effort is put into building the sites.

However if you lack the needed motivation Site Sell is likely not for you!

All real business requires hard work to be successful but you can find a lot of information on promoting less labor intensive websites on our site here as well as from the books.

If your interest lies in Flash websites Wix is a great choice for starting a free web hosted website.

They provide you with a free flash website builder and have just expanded their services to include content pages and online tutorials.

Of course if you like the format you can always upgrade your site to e commerce capabilities after you have tried it out.

Use the navigation bar on the left to find a variety of other web hosts that may suit your needs better but regardless of your web hosting choice do visit our library for unlimited free online books that will guide you onto the road of online success.

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