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Business Sense Website Builder discusses the best website designer for building your own website and creating a web page properly. Learn the basics of selecting the best keywords and how to use them on your pages correctly.

Over the years the number one question that I have been asked is “what is the best website designer for building your own website?"

My answer is always YOU and Sitesell.

The reason I say this is that most people do not have an understanding of the basic requirements necessary to please both human and search engine spider visitors.

Even worse is the lack of understanding that creating a web page that gets the clicks is directly related to choosing the best keywords that have a reasonable demand low supply and high profitability in order to get top ranking with the search engines and therefore be easily searchable via Google and the other search engines.

People tend to gravitate to and get hung up on flashy designs as opposed to what the requirements are to generate free traffic to your website.

After all people don’t know your name or your business name so the selection and use of proper and the best keywords will determine how you will be easily visible or not found at all.

A picture is worth a thousand words but it doesn’t really cut it on the internet when you are trying to generate free traffic.

Too many people have wasted thousands of dollars paying what they considered to be the best website designer to give them a website that is little more than a web brochure taking up web-estate on the net.

Are they pretty? YES!

Do they generate targeted traffic? NO!

Now if you search for free website templates on the net you will find hundreds of sites offering free or low cost templates. You also can find free and low cost website builders the same way.

But does that solve your problem? Not really!

You end up back to square one on the dilemma of how to drive traffic to your website.

Building your own website is easy with the right system and tools regardless of your age or skill level!

Now you can spend years studying keyword optimization, html, css, and a multitude of other needed skills in order to build a high traffic profitable website using a free or low cost webhost, but it usually requires a lot of expensive software and paying for traffic to achieve your online goals.

I always recommend Sitesell to my clients because for under a dollar a day you can build a profitable business online using the online business building system called the Action Guide which is the only online business course taught at major universities worldwide.

The Action Guide can be read and or watched in the video series.

The Action Guide is so easy to understand and follow that anyone can succeed if they follow the steps.

The tools provided with your hosting package if bought separately would cost you over $5000.00 US but ... well they are included in your hosting package as well.

The Brainstorm it! Tool enables you to find the best keywords to build your free traffic and you are provided with full instructions on how to use it.

If you get stuck there is a huge support community in the Sitesell forums where SBIER’S help others and get helped.

Using the Block Builder and various other tools will enable you to build your own website that has proper web page construction with perfectly optimized pages, using the best keywords for particular niche.

There is No need for any design knowledge either anyone can do it it’s just that simple!You can be the best website designer yourself!

Over the years there has been a lot of noise saying that the block builder system is not the best website designer, calling the websites clunky, outdated and even downright ugly!

However some of the top websites in the world have used the simple templates without customizing them and their success speaks for itself. You can view some of these top percentile websites here.

Sitesell also known as SBI! Is well known for over delivering in their products and services and they have recently made an announcement that they will be releasing Block Builder2 which apparently is going to be an amazing website builder providing unlimited new features for design and web page construction.

Only you can make the content pages shine with your passion and knowledge for your chosen niche.

In my opinion You will be the best website designer for your chosen niche if you use Sitesell system and tools.

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