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How to create a resource website to start a home business based on referral income or generating a finders fee for a variety of products and services

Referral income websites are versatile and an excellent choice for any type of home based business in any niche.

Referral income or the finders fee has been historically a long time business practice however in the past it was more word of mouth than online referrals.

Today word of mouth remains as an excellent referral income for vendors however to create a resource website online that will generate you a very generous income we need to look at the steps necessary for you to become successful.

When you create a resource website it is very possible to earn significant "referral income" through a "Theme-Based Content Site"...

A Theme Based Website also referred to as a niche website focuses on providing information on the topic or theme of the website, which in turn, is related to the business activities of others.

You can create a resource website for a favorite vacation spot, hobbies, existing knowledge or promote any products and services that interests you.

The possibilities for referral income are unlimited as are the niches.

Some great examples are here...

Hard goods

E goods


Service Sellers

The sky is the limit to the possibilities...

You could have a niche website on any one of your interests or hobbies and refer visitors to sales pages after you have pre-sold them with your quality information on the topic.

Your visitors appreciate your information and because you have satisfied their thirst for knowledge instead of trying to do a hard sell they are more likely to take your recommendation as an expert in your particular niche.

It is a well known fact that today’s surfers search for information and solutions.

The reason why resource websites built correctly are so successful is because too many websites are strictly sales pages and do not provide the surfer with the information or insider tips that they are looking for.

Most small businesses, especially offline local ones, do not yet understand this fundamental online behavior and their websites reflect exactly that!

Lack of understanding or perhaps time prevents them from providing what people really want in a Web site... valuable content.

Without quality information there is an information gap between the surfers and all online businesses.

This provides you with a Powerful Opportunity to create a resource website for your theme based website and generate finders fee income.

By providing quality information you satisfy the needs of both the surfer seeking information, the business selling their products or services and let's not forget the search engines.

Linking the three together provides you with a referral income or finders fee because you are building targeted free traffic.

Traffic is the "lifeblood' of every online business and without traffic let's face it you have no business!

For example if you are knowledgeable about a particular location and the local business such as real estate agents, rental car companies, villas & hotels, boat charters etc the opportunity to create a resource website is outstanding

Remember that most small business owners do not have the knowledge or inclination to do what you are about to do...

When I first began as a website developer for home and small business my main problem was generating free targeted traffic.

Despite all the techniques that I employed generating traffic remained a serious problem.

Poor traffic equals poor sales!

I then discovered Site Build it and their powerful C T P M process

Using this system I learned how to create a resource website, a passion-driven site with valuable content that surfers can easily find due to keyword focused web pages.

How Do you make referral income or get a finders fee?

It's very simple...

* Your theme-based content attracts high volumes of targeted visitors or potential customers

* Your site's content develops your credibility and builds trust with your prospective new customers.

* You develop an e-zine (electronic newsletter) which builds more trust.

* You recommend a business, product or service.

* You receive a referral income from the finders fee generated by the resulting lead or sale

When you create a resource website in essence you are creating a informational highway specific to your surfers interests.

This is referred to as targeted traffic because your visitors were specifically searching for your theme, location, product or service

The surfer arrives at your website site interested to receive your valuable, personal information.

This PREsells -- it earns trust and respect, building your own "Brand of One."

Bottom Line? You create a referral income from Loads of Valuable Leads!

Further to this there is an excellent chance that many of those PRE-sold visitors will be in the market for the related businesses that you recommend like the best hotels to stay at, how to buy real estate, local shops and tourist features etc.

Naturally, you have researched and verified which businesses provide excellent products and or services before developing content in your web pages that end in recommendations to that particular business

If you make bad recommendations, your name will soon lose the credibility you worked so hard to create.

I always make it a point to try any product or service that I might refer before I make the recommendation!

There are many great websites where you can source out affiliate products for e goods, hard goods, software etc.

The two best known are Clickbank (e-goods) and Commission Junction (hard goods)

My personal favorite is JVZOO

because the products are awesome and your commissions are sent immediately to your Paypal account!


JVZOO also provides free plugins with your Free membership for your Wordpress blog which will display the products or services you promote as well.

All three are free to join and well worth visiting.

Never recommend poor or bad products for the sake of the all mighty dollar!

When you create a resource website you are in total control of your referral income because you have created and own the traffic.

"How do I get paid with a Finders fee or referral income system?

When you create a resource website you can generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can earn referral income in many ways...

* pay-per-sale commission -- you earn a commission for each sale
* pay-per-sale profit -- you earn a profit if you structure this as a resale
* pay-per-lead -- you make a fee for each person who sends an inquiry
* pay-per-click -- each click to a company's Web site generates income
* pay-per-month -- a straight monthly fee

As I mentioned earlier having discovered Site Build It! I highly recommend that you use their services to create a resource website

Their Action Guide shows you how and when to accomplish each step required to build a profitable finders fee business

However you decide to be paid, the key is to generate revenue from your niche-oriented content by putting yourself in the middle.

Site Build it also will show you how you can add many additional monitization methods using their unique system and tools

Special Prize

If you followed the special prize link you will have had access to hundreds of successful online business owners who have created a resource website and now enjoy a full time home business occupation.

You can interact with them at Sitesell FaceBook or view many of their videos at Sitesell You Tube which will provide you with excellent tips and techniques for your business..

Form Build It! One of Site Build It’s comprehensive suite of tools can be used to create a variety of customized forms inviting visitors to contact several of your local businesses right from your website.

Naturally you will put in a CC on the form you built with an e-mail to yourself for tracking purposes.

As an experienced website developer and webmaster I find the Site Build it traffic building tools are second to none to create a resource website.

Other great features are...

C2 pages where visitors can actually add content to your site which increases website traffic without any effort from you.

Your Site Build it website automatically becomes a blog posting your web pages on your blog and these pages are then blasted through the RSS feeds generating even more traffic for you

Another great way to generate income on your pages is that you can also have Google adsense added to them for additional revenues for yourself.

Site Build it also automates and handles allot of the technical aspects so you can concentrate on your business

As a result of your referrals, you can earn thousands of dollars from property sales and rentals e goods or hard goods etc.

Now... Put Yourself in the middle

The majority of small businesses are still offline... tens of millions of thriving local businesses.

Even if they have a Web site, they get no traffic.

Most businesses would be happy to pay you a finders fee for targeted referrals... for your traffic!

Combining SBI's targeted traffic and Form Build It! is a powerful way to build referral income, also known as finder's fees.

Remember... you own your traffic... you remain in control

You can also add other sources of monetization to diversify and grow your revenues even more!

Put your Targeted Buyers & Sellers Together...

Your ever growing, targeted-niche traffic is invaluable to quality businesses that don't have a website or website traffic.

Your visitors and subscribers value your opinions and recommendations.

It's the perfect combination, a simple matter of putting the two together and making referral fee arrangements... everyone wins!

Over the years I've spent in developing business websites for clients the concept to create a resource website stands out in my mind as one of the most fascinating.

So much so that I am contemplating relocating to my favorite location and doing it myself for additional income!

Create a resource website for yourself and make referral income or finders fees from your favorite location products or services.

Do-it-yourself or contact Business Sense Website Builder or a Site Build it specialist

to have it built for you!

SBI! Provides you with an online business building course that anyone can succeed with as long as you have the motivation to do the necessary work.

Take a Test Drive Today with a risk Free Trial!

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