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Great website design is a must but you also need the tools and training to do something with it to get traffic!

Introducing SBI! BB2 website builder software, an easy website builder which was released 2012.

Anyone can use this powerful website design software but the best part is that an online business course comes with it and is free with your web hosting package for under a dollar a day.

Over the years Sitesell also known as SBI! and Site Build It! have been heavily criticized for their website graphic design despite the fact that the majority of the small business websites built are proven to be in the top % in the Alexa rankings.

Many people found the templates “clunky” or “downright ugly” and “old fashioned”.

Well perhaps beauty is in the eye of the beholder but the fact still remains that these websites powered by SBI! drive targeted traffic and achieve high rankings for those who do the work and follow their online business building system.

Don’t take my word for it view some case studies here and then you can find their proof of success here.

SBI!’S original website building software was called Block Builder 1 and webmasters had the option of choosing ready made templates, customizing templates or uploading their own html.

The block Builder 1 certainly produced perfect page construction but the flexibility in design left something to be desired for many people.

Website building software is a dime a dozen on the internet. Some are totally free and others range in price from very economical to highly expensive.

The more sophisticated software programs generally have a heavy price tag and a steep learning curve which is intimidating to most people.

Due to the technical difficulties involved many people hire website designers for creative website design and that also can be very expensive.

Regardless of whether you hire a designer for great website design or spend the money and time learning a website building software program there is one problem that they both have in common....

No Traffic And No Business!!!

Eye candy is terrific... and a picture is worth a thousand words as they say but NOT on the internet!

Great website design featuring pretty pictures or websites which are more like web brochures simply don’t cut it and I’ll tell you why...

Nobody finds you! That’s right you are Not searchable unless you buy traffic but as soon as you stop paying so does your traffic!

Yikes, really how many people have that kind of money?

I sure didn’t when I started out and neither do my clients or if they do I’m not prepared to waste their hard earned money.

So what is lacking in this type of website graphic design?

The answer is simple. Quality content, proper page construction, keyword selection and optimization which please both your human visitors and provide a tasty treat for the search engine spiders.

Proper page construction and use and placement of keywords is more important than ever if you want to please the search engines to get better rankings.

This website builder software has a built in tool called Analyze It! which insures that every page is constructed properly before you publish it.

If you have made an error it will offer suggestions on what is needed to correct the problem.

Regardless if you are a beginner or a seasoned webmaster this tool makes sure that each page is perfectly optimized every single time.

Watch a live demonstration in the Analyze It! video below.

By building your web pages using the proper methods over time your page ranking will improve with the search engines and free targeted traffic will begin to arrive to your website.

In my own experience both on my own websites and my clients the quality information provided keeps the visitors on the page...not the pretty pictures!

After all the internet is the information highway right?

Now SBI!’S new BB2 release will give you both!

An easy website builder combined with a website building software that ensures that each and every page is perfectly constructed before you upload it.

But...The best part is this...

SBI! BB2 release is an easy website builder that will give anyone the ability to build their own great website design regardless of their skill level or age.

But most importantly the online business building course called The Action Guide that has enabled thousands of people to develop very profitable online businesses is also included in the hosting package.

This guide leads you step by step through the whole process...I think it’s a pretty sweet deal myself even if it does cost me

The other factor to consider is the tools you receive with your hosting package.

If you are considering an online business or have a website that’s working but not working for you compare web hosts here and decide for yourself.

You can watch the progress of this state of the art new website builder by visiting their Facebook page and also interact with thousands of other SBI!ERS there as well.

Follow this link to see another demonstration of Block Builder 2 and discover how easily you could build your own great website design without any knowledge of html, style sheets or anything else, without the expense of hiring a website designer.

Great website design alone is not enough...why just build a a web business instead!

Take SBI! for a Test Spin with the 90 DAY GUARANTEE you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme you are definitely in the wrong place!

SBI! WORKS but only if you do!

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