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Do you need help starting a small business online? Business Sense Website Builder shares the best small business ideas and marketing tips on how to improve website ranking.

Starting a small business online is a very exciting adventure. Most people have dreamed of owning their own business at one time or another but most need help starting a small business online because it is different than starting an offline business.

Anyone can build a website but building one that generates free traffic is a different matter and without traffic you have no business!

So if you need help starting a small business online you have come to the right place!

Best Small Business Ideas

If you do not already have a website you need to build a niche website that has been researched to determine that it is not too broad (too popular and hard to compete in) or too narrow (not enough interest in the niche for it to be profitable).

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to get a better understanding or if you need help starting a small business niche website.

Choose a niche that you know and love!

Avoid picking a niche or product/service to promote simply because you think it will make money.

By choosing something that you love it will shine through in your content pages and take all the work out of building your website because it is your passion.

Without passion and knowledge you will become one of the many websites which merely take up web-estate and don’t become profitable businesses.

If you are unsure of what niche you should choose and need help starting a small business you can find the best small business ideas here.

Next you will need to select a web host

There are many website hosting companies and they vary in pricing and services but few provide any help starting a small business.

Top Web Hosting Companies For Small Business

Top Hosting Companies

  • Yahoo
  • 1&1
  • Site Build It!
  • Yola
  • BANS

Free and Low Cost Web Hosting

  • Wix
  • Webstarts
  • Hostgator
  • Webhostingpad
  • Bluehost

When choosing a web host don’t base your decision solely on the price of the web hosting.

There are many other factors to consider such as bandwith, customer service etc.

Totally avoid using some of the free web hosts as you never have full control of your website so read the terms and conditions carefully before you commit to them.

You will find some quality free hosting services below that I have had experience with.

However regardless of your preference do compare the products and services first before you commit yourself.

If your interest lies in an online store BANS offers a lot of great tools as well as a lot of help starting a small business for online stores.

You can compare all the features of the top ecommerce web hosts for small online business here and watch the video below which features Site Build It! (SBI!) which is currently considered the #1 hosting service....

I recommend Sitesell to my clients because their hosting package includes a business building course called The Action Guide which is easy to follow and it includes all the tools you need to succeed.

However it is wise to think it through carefully or take the 90 day trial before you commit because although their system and tools do work it is not for everyone.

In order to achieve the results that hundreds of others have you need to be sure that you are willing to put the time and effort into your website.

If you feel that you have the motivation to do so you can view some actual case studies and read about their journey to success here.

Once you have chosen your niche, selected your web host and finally built your website it is time to start building and promoting your website.

If you choose Sitesell as your web host just follow the Action Guide and it will lead you step by step through the entire business building process.

If not try to ensure that each page you upload has been properly optimized and built using the techniques for proper page construction including your specific keyword in your file name, title and page description.

Do not over use your specific keyword and it should be placed on the top and bottom of the page and simply sprinkled lightly through the body of your content.

The more keyword rich and focused pages you build the more searchable for those keywords you will become and of course you need to remember that people want information not a sales pitch.

Learn the art of pre-selling and always provide valuable information for your readers.

A great marketing idea for small business is to write articles.

Writing articles is a great way to get valuable back links to your site. These back links help improve search engine ranking. The articles can be linked to various pages on your website and or your sales page(s) and they help immensely to create a higher visibility for your small business.

Article writing should be done as often as possible and then submitted to the various article directories.

Some excellent directories to submit your article to are

Simply Google article directories and surf around to get a better feel for them.

You also can begin to develop your expert status for your niche by writing interesting articles.

Never be overly sales orientated in your articles simply provide your readers with quality information and use the links provided in your author box to insert links to your web site or your offer.

Writing and submitting articles can be time consuming but it is very worthwhile and the payoffs will be great in the long run.

I write articles for my own website and also for my clients websites therefore I use an article submission service in order to keep on track with this valuable task.

The Unique Article Wizard is one very excellent service and has been my choice for a number of years. They have an easy to follow format and help section to get you started quickly and easily. It is a very reasonably priced service which is paid monthly and can be cancelled at any time.

The Unique Article Wizard will teach you how to write the same article three times with three separate titles and then automatically submit them to hundreds of article directories for you.

By doing this aggressively you will have dramatic results in the traffic to your website and increase search engine ranking.

Another really good marketing idea for small business is using directory submission services and social bookmarking services.

Of course you will want to submit to the very important directories manually but there are hundreds of other directories that give you good exposure as well.

Once again for mere pennies you can have your web pages gaining a lot of exposure and get more back links to your site and I find that for the time saved is well worth it.

I personally use Directory Maximizer and Social Maximizer for these important submissions however there are a lot of other good companies out there.

Visit our library for more help starting a small business and download Free excellent e books to get helpful guides and tips to deepen your understanding of online business.

You can also find more great information and tips for online small business at Redshift Research

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