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Business Sense Website Builder discusses how to increase search engine traffic and achieve home business success and offers tips on how to build a top home base business and finally realize your dream of home based employment or promote your local business.

Over the years my perspective clients have asked me how I was able to increase search engine traffic to my websites in order to get free targeted traffic.

Well that’s a very good question and I want you to know that the answer is very simple....

Organic Marketing

Sure you can pay for traffic but the traffic stops as soon as you stop paying and if you really don’t quite know how to do it right it could just end up costing you money without any profitable results.

Pay per click advertising is definitely a way to increase search engine traffic and there are services for this offered by Google, Yahoo and MSN Pay Per Click services can all be accessed through Bing.

They all offer beginner manuals and they also have experienced staff who will help you set up a new campaign.

If you are unsure take the time to speak to a representative before you commit to a monthly budget.

There are other lower cost alternatives as well which include Ineedhits, Bidvertiser and many others which you can find on the net.

Organic marketing on the other hand will increase search engine traffic and builds your traffic slowly but surely and these links are on the internet forever.

However there is a needed learning curve involved to truly build a top home base business or to promote your local business.

Some basic knowledge of exactly how to improve search engine ranking is very necessary and without these skills you will probably fail and not achieve the top home based business success and the home based employment you are working towards.

If you don’t have the motivation to learn then I feel that you will truly miss the boat so to speak.

There really is no such thing to get rich quick and without the needed education to build a profitable online business well...

If you truly want to build an online business and create home based employment for yourself the following links will give you a blueprint for home business success.

It is important to remember that traffic building takes time effort and patience.

If you keep on a steady course working on your website you will succeed but it doesn't happen overnight.

These are some of the tools that I use and recommend to my clients to increase search engine traffic to generate targeted traffic to your website!

Build a niche website

Writing Articles

Directory submissions

Twitter and Facebook

Flash Free Facebook Page Templates

Social Bookmarking submissions

Classified Ads

Video Marketing

Banner Advertising

Value Exchange

Strongest Links

Depending on your web host you may not have an online business building guide to follow.

If you are just planning on starting your online business Sitesell provides you with an excellent online business building course as well as all the tools you need.

Take the SBI! Quick Tour for more detailed information.

If your preference is for the stunning appearance of a Flash website Wix now offers html capabilities with great tutorials to build a website and increase search engine traffic to it.

Wix website building tools and hosting are Free but for a small monthly fee you can always upgrade for an ecommerce website.

Another great free web host offering a website builder with free hosting and traffic generating tutorials is Webstarts.

You can compare other leading web hosts such as Yahoo and 1&1 for small business here.

Regardless of your web hosting choice complete information on website building and traffic generation is available at our library of Free Online Books.

If you have already built your website but need information on how to increase website traffic you can also download this excellent Free e book "Sticky Organic Marketing" for detailed instructions on how to get traffic organically.

The Free e books in the our library will also give you lots of great information on topics such as netwriting as well as a solid understanding of how to increase search engine traffic and what it takes to become successful online.

You are welcome to download one or all of them!

There are other low cost training programs which I have tried and found to be very valuable ...

Mike Dillards "Building On A Budget" is an excellent resource and Mike is an accomplished online marketer who now invests a lot of time helping others to succeed online.

Mike Dillard specializes in MLM (multi level marketing) and offers a variety of courses related to network marketing such as Magnetic Sponsoring and Black Belt Recruiting.

Another great training program was developed by Jason Nyback and is called "The Snowball Traffic System".

Jason Nyback is a well respected trainer for affiliate marketing and website promotion.

Allan Gardyne is another world authority on affiliate marketing and his website offers unlimited free information for promoting any website.

Regardless of the system you intend to follow don’t try to do all of the traffic building techniques at once, but do begin with building a niche website.

For the traffic building techniques that are more time consuming it is best to master one first and then move on to the next one.

Over time as you add quality keyword focused pages you will increase search engine traffic to your website.

Once you have identified and have started building your pages immediately start writing articles and submitting them to the directories to gain valuable back links for each page you build.

Writing articles is a very important task and if at a times time just doesn't permit you to do so you can get a really neat Free membership at Reseller Rights Mastery and PLRDealer for free quality articles that you can use.

Definitely start to submit your website to as many directories possible.

An excellent resource for both Free and paid directories is called The Strongest Links Directory

and it provides you with a large number of directories to choose from.

Create a Twitter and a Business Facebook account.

Navigate over to my pages on building a social media platform for excellent Free "how to" videos for Twitter, Facebook and more if you need assistance.

Social networking can be added at this time and using a social bookmarking service is a definite time saver.

Hootsuite is an awesome Free program where you can manage your complete social media platform right from your dashboard.

Continue to add the other various traffic generating tools and try to use cost effective time saving submission services as you can reasonably afford.

There is no reason to break the bank and drive up your credit card bill without good results.

By simply building a niche website and continuing to add more keyword focused pages you will improve search engine ranking and therefore increase search engine traffic and finally achieve home business success.

The above tools simply expedite the whole process!

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