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I entered midlife and decided to ‘stop the bus and take a transfer” so to speak and decided to set up a business as a webmaster

Yes indeed I decided to develop my existing skills and became a business owner as a website designer and webmaster.

To increase my webmaster skills many long hours were spent devouring manuals on search engine optimization and marketing. I learned website design, html, and even ventured into flash design.

All these efforts were with local business marketing in mind

Apart from formal training I studied various forms of online education for web design, SEO, SEM and a multitude of other fascinating topics

I got all kinds of e learning certifications, won a handful of design contests and other cool stuff But.... My client’s business websites weren't scoring on the volumes of targeted traffic so that other stuff just didn’t seem to matter much at all

With my well developed business sense from years gone by and my new design skills and other extensive education, I thought I was ready to produce high traffic converting websites

Much to my dismay the resulting targeted traffic volumes and conversion rates were not satisfactory at all

Needless to say after all that education I had acquired it would be an understatement to say I was disappointed

Back to the drawing board for me! I needed the important traffic building skills for marketing small business

I spent countless hours again sourcing new articles informing webmasters on marketing techniques for small business sites

I discovered many universities offered business educational training for webmasters but that wasn't a realistic option for me considering my age and the expense.

However over thirty universities around the world that were promoting internet business marketing courses mentioned Site Sell Education. On further investigation I found articles on Ken Evoy the owner Site Sell It!

As a serious webmaster I have to be honest with you I read everything I could find written on Ken and Site Sell It!
After a lengthy review of SBI! And what they offered for online and business I was defiantly sold and well the rest is history

I FINALLY mastered the art of generating targeted traffic for my business clients,,, that sold me.

Quite honestly it truly delighted my faithful clients and restored their faith in me as their webmaster

My new Company is now enjoying rapid growth and I have very favorable projections for its future which seem to be a spinoff of the business marketing for my business clients

I learned the important lesson that the "Business Side" of Web mastering Success requires way more than creativity

If you are thinking about becoming an independent Webmaster and starting your own company providing webmaster services to business 

The timing is right.

More and more business owners are looking for help as they make the move to online promotion.

Most local business owners do not have the time or skills to build their own business website.

As a result, they are actively seeking affordable Webmasters.

I now know that webmasters knowledgeable for local business marketing will have unlimited success

Other business owners that I have spoken with have paid large premiums for poor converting websites and now are very skeptical of the true business value of the internet and webmasters for that matter

You can capitalize on both these growing demands by setting up your own home-based local business specializing in small business websites 

As a webmaster you can do the kind of work you love and reap all the financial benefits associated with knowledgeable local business marketing

A webmaster starting a website of any type of small business is required to do a lot of preparation. Without it, the foundation is weak.
It leaves you wide open to making costly mistakes and having a website that acts more like a online brochure

The solution for local business marketing?

Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course and it's FREE

local business
The Webmaster Business Masters Course will start and keep you on the right track.

The author of the Masters Course, and owner of a Web site design business, gives you an insider's perspective on what to do... and more importantly, what not to do on the "business side" of your new company.

The Webmaster Business Masters Course covers essential operational aspects, such as

a well-developed business plan,

targeted marketing,

pricing of services,

attracting clients,

effective communication,

and winning proposal/contract construction.

It will provide you with the information and resources you need to bypass common mistakes, create satisfied clients, increase your productivity levels and generate recurring income.

Download the free Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course.

The goal of The Webmaster BUSINESS Masters Course is to elevate your business knowledge and skills, with the shortest learning curve possible.

The Local Business Masters Course is for you!

Mark Frank, a highly respected business marketing expert, shows you how to capture the local market, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Learn how to create local buzz about you, as satisfied clients tell other people about the Webmaster who produces results... targeted traffic and profits... over and over again, for any type of local business.

The Masters Course gets you into the mindset of business owners first, an essential starting point, and then outlines a range of services you can provide to grow their businesses. It also covers how to connect and market to this busy and usually novice-to-the-Net target group.

Mark rounds out his excellent resource e-book allowing you to learn from his experiences, and applying his wise advice and concrete tips to your own local business.

Get started today, with the help of the Local Business Masters Course. Prospective clients are close by...

Bring the power of the Net to them!

I greatly enjoyed the Webmaster Masters Course and found really valuable information that have made a big difference in my company Business Sense Website Builder

I took it one step further using SBI as my web hosting company for my own and my business client websites

The Traffic Building Tools were the deciding factor for my business.

Webmasters learn how to Specialize in Local business

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