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Small Business Online Advertising can cost a pretty penny these days so it only makes good business sense to build a website that will generate targeted free traffic.

Traffic is the "lifeblood" of every online business and without traffic you have no business!

Sure you can pay for small business online advertising but your traffic stops when you stop paying.

There are many different ways to generate paid traffic and it can be a risky business if you don't know what you are doing and therefore really doesn't make good business sense.

Many people use Google Adwords or Bings Microsoft Ad Center however the costs per click can become very costly especially for new online businesses.

If you are new to online advertising both of these companies have help guides and excellent staff which will help you set up your new campain at your preferred daily budget.

Others use good alternatives to Adwords for small business online advertising for lower cost advertising such as Bidvertiser or Ineedhits or many others.

Ineedhits also offers an excellent search engine submission tool.

Other forms of paid advertising include classified ads, banners and directory submissions.

Classified ads do work for small business online advertising but they can be very time consuming which takes valuable time away from creating new content for your site or writing articles to increase your traffic and improve link popularity.

There are many classified software companies on the net but the one that I found most effective is the Classified Connection which offers different reasonably priced auto submission software to choose from including Backpage and Kijiji.

You can 'try before you buy" to get a good feel for the various submitters without using your credit card which is a feature that I liked.

Generally there is a one time fee which includes lifetime upgrades for these software products so the investment for me was worthwhile.

Directory submissions can be free or paid depending on the directory.

It is very important to submit your site to as many directories as possible in order to increase your back links, page rank and traffic.

Follow the link for an excellent resource for The Strongest Links directory submissions which provides you with a large number of directories which are both free and paid.

Like classified advertising directory submissions are also time consuming.

For that reason I use a low cost directory submission service to improve link popularity which enables me to get manual submissions done on my behalf for mere pennies per submission.

I have tried a number of different services but The Directory Maximizer is my service of choice because of their low prices and excellent services.

They also offer another service called The Social Maximizer which again is reasonably priced and very effective.

Writing and submitting articles to the article directories is a very effective way to rapidly improve back links and traffic.

There are a variety of directories to choose from and they are free to submit to.

Ezine Articles, Article City and Go Articles are a few good ones but you can easily find lots more if you do a search.

I personally use an article submission service called The Unique Article Wizard.

They have a monthly membership fee but the dramatic increase in back links and therefore traffic is well worth it!

A single article can be converted into hundreds of unique articles and then is submitted on your behalf without the hassles of spending time setting up accounts with the various directories.

They also offer free original content which can be posted directly to your website or blog or the articles can be e-mailed to you.

Video marketing is free for all on You Tube and is another great way to build traffic and improve link popularity when the video is linked to a specific page on your website.

Traffic Geyser has an awesome training program for video promotion however they are a little more expensive monthly than other programs.

If that is not in your advertising budget as yet I recommend that you take the $1.00 Trial and get a handle on this very effective marketing system.

Many folks have taken the trial and found that their dramatic increase in conversions more than justified the cost.

As you can see small business online advertising is a necessary task to promote your website however there are ways to reduce your advertising budget.

Why not save money right from the start by comparing these top hosting companies and begin by building a website that generates Free Targeted Traffic?

Starting an online business is exciting but it can result in a lot of financial grief for many just starting out.

There are a huge number of web hosts on the internet and it can be very confusing to the beginner as to how to select the top hosting companies before you make your final decision.

You can Compare Top Web Hosting Companies here and or watch the video below

There are many web hosting companies that are low cost and in fact a good number are free but are you really saving any money in the end when all is said and done?

In my years of experience the answer is no!

Choosing an internet hosting service in my opinion is fairly straight forward when you start with the right information.

Yes the initial hosting cost is low with many companies but what will you as a newbie do thereafter?

You can buy low cost web design templates and in fact there are many sites that offer free ones, or you can pay a designer to build one for you which generally speaking is a costly venture.

Once you have built your site small business online advertising becomes a major issue as it is necessary in order to drive targeted traffic to your website.

The reason for this is that unless you have the right system and tools your website is little more than a brochure up in cyberspace.

It therefore requires a lot of effort, time and money for small business online advertising to direct and drive traffic to your website.

Without a search engine submission tool countless hours are wasted simply getting your site and its pages listed manually.

Traffic is the bloodline of all online business and it is “fed” by the search engines, so I'll state it again, if you don’t have traffic you simply don’t have a business.

I always recommend Sitesell to my clients it is rated as number #1 out of all the top hosting companies for small business.

Sitesell can teach anyone regardless of age or skill level how to build a thriving online business which generates free targeted traffic and it’s not just for newbie’s.

Many experienced webmasters including myself have switched over to learn the art of traffic building and to take advantage of the low cost web design and other traffic building tools which also includes an automatic search engine submission tool for less than $30.00 US per month.

Sitesell gives you everything you need to build a thriving online business including an easy to follow "Action Guide” which is the top online business building course in the world both on and offline.

The search engine submission tool provided as part of your hosting package enable those who can barely use a mouse to easily learn how to setup for automatic submissions including RSS feeds etc.

When I discovered sitesell I priced out all the tools and realized that to purchase them separately the cost would easily exceed $5000.00.

At the time my small business online advertising budget was ever increasing with rather poor returns because as soon as you stop paying your traffic stops as well.

Building a niche website and writing quality keyword focused pages pleases both the search engines and your human visitors.

Information is the key to driving ever growing targeted free traffic to your website and the best form of free small business online advertising.

If you use Sitesell as your web host you need only focus on your business as they take care of the rest of the hard work for you!

If you have chosen another hosting company download “Sticky Organic Marketing” and learn how to generate free traffic.

Another great resource specially designed for network marketers is called
Building On A Budget” and you can access free videos here

Mike Dillard also offers another series of Free Videos called "Magnetic Sponsoring" which is perfect for MLM and any small business in general.

Sitesell provides a free link exchange service called Value Exchange which I use but I also use the following low cost services to improve link popularity
for my websites...

Directory Maximizer

Social Maximizer

Classified Connection

The Unique Article Wizard

Small business online advertising is expensive so it is important to create targeted free traffic because unlike paid traffic it does not stop ever.

The pages and links remain and grow overtime on the internet.

For under a dollar a day you can do it too! Why not take Sitesell for a 90 day guaranteed trial and discover all they have to offer for yourself!

The Sitesell system and tools work if you do...follow the links for proof of success or to read the case studies of thousands who have already succeeded.

Online business like offline business requires time and effort, and if you are not prepared to do the work then I advise that you don’t take the free trial.

Building a successful online business is doable but it takes time and patience.

The best form of small business online advertising is developing your website to a point that you are searchable for hundreds or even thousands of keywords.

The best part is that the small business online advertising is Free!

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