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As a professional webmaster I understand the importance that social bookmarking services provide to my company Business Sense Website Builder which specializes in content websites in Edmonton Alberta and Winnipeg Manitoba.

Social bookmarking can very simply be explained as a method where internet users can store, organize and manage their bookmarks (sites of their interest) on a public bookmarking site instead of their computers. Not only that, they can also share their bookmarks with their friends or a network of people. Social bookmarking makes the task of saving sites for future reference much easier and more accessible.

Social Bookmarking Social Bookmarking

Building link popularity for my own and clients websites takes a lot of time. I have been using a very affordable service called Social Maximizer which saves me both time and money.

Using a social bookmaking service offers tremendous value for money, at 19 cents a submission.

Social Maximizer also has a rewards program for even further savings.

There is a lot of work involved in building link popularity and social bookmarking is an excellent way to promote your website or blog and generate valuable links. However to do the submissions manually is not a cost effective option especially if you are new online or when managing a large number of websites.I have tried a number of services but my personal favorite for both quality service and value is Social Maximizer.

Social Maximizer’s website promotion services makes things easy for you, just sign up, enter the page you wish to submit and they do the rest for you, saving you plenty of time in the process.

Their flexible ordering options allow me to submit to the entire list, or to specific sites only.

Using their simple 1 minute process, all you need to do after signing up is login to your account and enter the url of the webpage you want website promotion services for.

Their social bookmarking services then automatically retrieves the required data from the said page (or you could enter the information yourself) and you just need to choose your submission options and make a payment.

It’s really that simple and easy!

I use the live reports accessible in the member’s area to help me track what exactly is being done. The report includes the links to the exact page on the site where you can find your listing. It is a great way to keep everything organized.
Depending on the client I place orders from as little as the minimum order of $5 and up.

For new webmasters understanding the great benefits of Social Bookmarking include .....

  • Increased Traffic - As more and more people read your bookmarked blog post or web article and vote for it, the more popular it starts to become, therefore the targeted traffic to your website site starts increasing.
  • Increased Visibility & Branding - Submitting to Social Bookmarking Sites puts your blog or website in front of millions of people every day, increasing your online visibility and this really helps to get you more branding.
  • Generate more Quality Links - Each of the Popular and High Traffic Social Bookmarking Sites submitted to have the potential to provide tremendous volumes of traffic on a daily basis, if your blog or website has good content on it, chances are that several of these users will link to your content, thus getting you relevant links which will ultimately lead to an increase in your Rankings in the Search Engines which of course is the main idea here.
  • You also get links from the bookmarking sites themselves.
  • A few of these links can also help to some extent in improving your rankings.
  • Social bookmarking services promote any pages from your website pages or blog.

You can submit any page of your site or blog when it comes to Social Bookmarking, web pages which have newsworthy, interesting content are likely to work.

In fact, that is the specialty of Social Bookmarking.

You could just bookmark a particular article or story on your site. It isn’t necessary to submit your whole site.

The best time and money saving factor for me in using social bookmarking services is the fact that you don’t need to register with the various social bookmarking sites

You don’t need to worry about spending your precious time in going to each of the
Social Bookmarking sites and registering with them.

All you have to do is add the web-page that you’d like to promote through the social bookmarking services, and then they take care of the rest.

That is such a great feature when you manage many websites but it also is a terrific service for private webmasters freeing their time up to simply concentrate on their businesses.

I highly recommend Social Maximizer to anyone who is shopping around for social bookmarking services.

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