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With Sitesell the top home based businesses begin by providing a content rich website and the best blog website using
the best blog software that is included in the hosting package..
Sitesell is in essence the best blog website combined!

Blog vs Website

Blogs are used for news-oriented sites, or sites that feature "the latest" or "the thought of the day."

If you plan to build the best blog website that keeps visitors on the cutting edge of your subject matter matter, constantly releasing the latest news and commentary on what it all means, blogs are a good choice.

This kind of direction is not relevant for the top home based businesses -- but if it applies to you, blogging is a good foundation.

Blogging can also be a strong add-on to top home based businesses.

If you want to build and maintain a newsy or daily thought element to your Web site, for example, add a blog.

It's easy to do with Sitesell. The right order, though, is to build your highly visited, profitable Web presence using Sitesell! first.

Apart from the blog that is automatically created for you every time you build a page you also can have separate hosting and integrate it in your SBI site through a process called Infinite It or keep it as a stand alone blog.

I have not personally used Infinite It as yet but I do have stand alone blogs which I link to my websites.

The web hosting companies that I have used for blogs include...

In an attempt to build a top home based businesses for their niche many drift into the costly error of using blogging software to build their primary Web presence. I think that it is the wrong tool for the needs of a business website.

Even the best blog software lacks what the top home based businesses need to actually show a profit which of course is the ultimate purpose!.

Most only realize the error of the blog approach, too late, dazzled by the loud "pro-blogging noise" of those who blog about blogging.

Bloggers interlink to each other with gusto, creating what they call "the blogosphere."

They rave as if there were magic in blogging and the "blogosphere," when in fact it all adds up to content that will soon be degraded by the Search Engines as the "best before" date on blogging content expires.

The best blog website, and professional promoters of blogging, usually fail to mention the "dated-content treadmill" that they to a great extent run upon every day.

What happens when you stop blogging? You watch your traffic dissolve away.

Why? Because Search Engines know that even the best blog website and their blog posts are like newspapers... good only for wrapping fish after a few days.

Human visitors automatically know that, too. Most visitors do not want to read old news (i.e., a blog post).

The top home based businesses, however, are completely different. How?

Sitesell Theme-Based Content Sites...

  • Contain evergreen material about a theme (the nature of the material covered) that is related to your business
  • Arrange the material ("content") logically, dividing the theme into appropriate categories
  • Organize and present the categories and sub-categories in a clear, hierarchical navigation pattern. For example, a website about "Photography Tips" might be structured like this...
theme based content sites

Blog vs Website

How is the best blog website presented? A stream of disjointed photography tips would be organized by "date of post." And posts on any given topic (ex., "article writing") would be separated by time (weeks or months apart), each covering only a certain aspect of the topic.

On the other hand...

The top home based businesses sites develop and update the content into more complete, useful, cohesive articles, "Web pages."

A content page is the fundamental unit of a Theme-Based Content Site.

Blogs merely keep adding new posts, one after another, without editing out the old and without pulling related posts together into cohesive and fresh articles.

As a result, visitors ignore the old material and have trouble using a blog for anything more than the latest news or the "thought of the day."

And, according to Google, blogs deliver a poor quality visitor.

The following is a direct quote from Google Analytics 101, written by Google in April 2008...

"Blogs usually have high Bounce Rates no matter what since
normal visitor behavior is to read the newest post and then leave."

What does that mean? People come, read your latest post, and leave. And if that is the routine for your best, most current material. They usually won't sort out the rest, of your dated blog posts.

However, visitors willingly explore the top home based businesses websites.

Your relationship with them, and therefore doing business with them, lie in that deeper, better-quality relationship.

Building this relationship is called PREselling. It is more powerful than presenting the latest.

After all, how many commentaries on plumbing fixtures do we really need?

PREselling is at the core of the logically solid process called Content Traffic PREsell Monetize (C T P M) that capitalizes powerfully on how top home based businesses just naturally use the Web.

home based busines

Sitesell builds top home based businesses and the best blog website combination!

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