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Business Sense Website Builder discusses the best way for beginners to build a profitable online business using a web page editor called the block builder which was developed by Site Build It!

The best website designer knows that a website that is a pretty picture is not enough to generate traffic.

Building a website that will grow free traffic from the search engines requires far more than a pretty site.

Content ....quality keyword focuses content on the other hand will deliver traffic.

Too many people focus on the look of the site unaware that without properly optimized pages that the engines are not going to give good consideration in terms of ranking for these sites.

Flash sites are a good example of this.

Flash sites generally are pretty magnificent to look at but they are very hard to promote as they generally lack content.

There are many free web builders that you can take advantage of for design but again without lots of content and proper web optimization you will not generate the traffic necessary to build a profitable business.

There are a lot of online courses to learn this technique but most people don’t have the time or ambition to take courses on web optimization so what is the answer?

Use A Web Page Editor!

Site Build It! is a web host who specializes in business websites. The reasonable hosting fee includes all the Tools and an Action Guide to take you step by step through the entire process of building a high traffic site.

Absolutely no skills are required to take advantage of this online business building process.

They offer a large variety of templates which you can use as is or you can customize them to suit your needs for the look and feel of the site that you want.

More advanced users have the option to upload their own html site but still have the web page editor called Analyze it! To make sure the page is properly done.

As a beginner many people use the block builder to learn how to build a page properly and after a period of time they graduate to uploading their own.

However many of the top websites in the world are based on the templates provided and had no customization at all and they enjoy rankings in the top 1%.

Visit the samples page to see many high ranking Site Build It websites in the top 1% and check out the look of these websites.

Some of my clients use my webmaster services simply because they do not have the time to build their own content. However I always start the website using the simple web page editor so that they can also learn how to use the block builder system and eventually manage their own websites properly.

I think of a content website like word art.

The placement of keywords is crucial for proper web optimization as is the number of times the keyword is used.

There are other site elements that also must be adhered to in order for the page to do well with the search engines.

The web page editor description below will give you an idea of how it looks and how simple it is to use.

Absolutely no knowledge is required as the web page editor will analyze your page and tell you what corrections need to be made before you submit it.

The first section you see in the web page editor is the page information section. Notice how each heading has a question mark beside it.

As a beginner you can click on it and it will instruct you on how to do it.

After using Brainstormit! The keyword selection tool included in your hosting package you now have selected one primary keyword and four supporting keywords. All of the keywords have been selected for reasonable demand, low supply and great profitability.

The primary keyword is placed in the top File Name section. As a beginner if your primary keyword has more than one word and you leave a space between the words the web page editor will remind you to make the correction.
The Page Title, Keywords and Description all have similar help and strategy information.

Navigation Options
lets you insert tier two pages on you navigation bar. For three tier pages you simply click no and leave this section blank.

The Other Page Options section allows you to choose what features you would like the page to have again with a help section for each one.

By this point you will have already registered with the search engines and set up your RSS Feed again carefully guided through the setup by the Action Guide.

Simply click yes or no for each option.

Now you are ready to enter your text. To insert a block here you select the type of block you are building click on it and then insert the html code.


In the past there were no worries because you could use a free editor such as Arachnophilia, Coffee Cup, or purchase WYSIWYG for a modest cost etc.

You simply wrote your content and then copy/paste the html in the text block and voila it was done!

Not any more! Introducing

Block Builder 2

Sitesell has just released a new website builder that no longer requires any html at all.

You simply type in your text and it's done!

The website builder allows you to also create a professional looking website with each page properly constructed for the search engines.

web page editor

Graphic and links can be preloaded in the libraries provided by Site Build it or you can upload them from the web page editor itself can be preloaded in your .

Likewise any forms you have previously built and your ezine invitation block can be chosen and selected.

Once all your content has been entered you click on Analyze It! For a full report on any corrections that need to be made with a help section there as well.

Once Analyze It! Gives you a “good” report for web optimization for each important section you are ready to submit your new webpage by clicking build it or priority build it.

Site sell takes the job from there using the world submitter to automatically send the page to the search engines, your RSS Feed and automatically builds the page in your blog.

The Site Build It! web page editor has now just helped you to build a perfect page. It is really that simple!

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