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A Website Hosting Review of Sitesell also known as SBI!

Business Sense Website Builder discusses the pros and cons of this web hosting company from a user prospective.

I have been using this website hosting company for some time now for my own and my client’s websites.

I also highly recommend them to anyone interested in building your own website and online business.

I have been developing business websites for a number of years now for offline businesses that simply do not have the time to invest in the online business but still want to tap into the market and expand their businesses.

I have a lot of perspective customers that approach me for my services but if you really are interested in online jobs from home the truth is that you don’t need my services or anyone elses.

Sitesell makes online jobs from home do-able regardless of your age or skill level, basically if you can use your mouse then you can learn to build a thriving online business.

The whole business building process is simplified to such an extent that success is achievable even for a total beginner with absolutely no knowledge what so ever.

While preparing to write this website hosting review I spent some time looking at similar hosting companies but the thing that stood out the most apart from their tools was the fact that Sitesells business building course is the only course taught at major universities and colleges worldwide.

SBI! Is also the only website host I have found when doing a website hosting review that educates and prepares you to build a profitable business, before you actually start building your website.

It has been demonstrated repeatedly that anyone can succeed with their all-in-one process, tools, and guidance system if they are willing to put in the effort to do the necessary work.

Naturally experienced webmasters who subscribe to this web host find that achieving success is faster and easier due to their existing skills coupled with the Sitesell tools.

Now of course, there are much easier ways to build a website but if the website doesn’t perform by delivering massive amounts of free targeted traffic what have you accomplished?

The other issue is that very few people know how to build an online business and the extreme failure rate shown in the statistics speaks for itself.

Many naysayers have stated that SBI! is only for beginners.

Hmm ... well that simply isn’t true. I certainly wasn’t a beginner by any stretch of the imagination when I switched over to their hosting service.

The majority of SBIER’S with top ranking websites tend to turn around and do it all over again! Many actually have several websites on the go all of which are profitable.

The reason I switched after conducting a website hosting review was mainly because of their unique tools that really assist in traffic building and also the convenience of the form builder, daily traffic stats, keyword discovery tool etc that nobody else was offering.

Generating massive amounts of targeted traffic was my main stumbling block and the problem was easily resolved without shelling out scads of money on buying traffic and countless hours doing web page promotion.

In my opinion it is the perfect choice for a total newbie who is interested in building your own website because of the simplicity of the system you learn all the proper skills and habits right from the beginning saving time and money by avoiding those common costly mistakes.

Likewise for the more experienced webmaster the process serves as an opportunity to correct bad habits and learn new and more correct techniques.

SBI! really does change lives
is one of the slogans that they have been using online and I can attest to the fact that the statement is true and they offer the proof and case studies of successful SBIER’S to back it up.

The downside of this web host for some is the monthly or annual fee of $29.00 US or $299.00 US respectively.

From the research I did comparing web hosts they are pretty much on par with the other web hosts that are recognized for small business websites such as Yahoo and 1&1.

Follow the link to see a detailed comparison of all of them and conduct your own website hosting review.

Sitesell is more expensive than a lot of other companies however the value in the tools you receive apart from the business building course would cost you in excess of $5000.00 US to purchase separately.

Sure these particular web hosts do cost more than many but they also provide you with a lot more tools and information.

I was impressed with the fact that Sitesell provided proof of their clients results and actual case studies which none of the others did.

The other thing I should mention is that in the past I used very low cost web hosts such as...

Actually I still use them for my various blogs but as far as my websites are concerned I found that I spent far more in advertising and purchases tools to generate traffic that the annual hosting fee at Sitesell.

Sitesell is definitely Not for everyone!

My personal website now is ranking in the top percentile for world rankings however this didn't happen over night.

It takes hard work, patience and time to truly succeed.

Their system and tools do work BUT only if you do!

If this is not for you you can always go ahead and take advantage of the lower cost web hosts or try one of the excellent Free web hosts listed below...

Regardless of your choice of web host be sure to download one or all of these excellent Free online books.

I hope that this page will assist you in conducting your own personal website hosting review to find the system and hosts that will best suit your needs.

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