Trick or Website Traffic ?
Web 2.0 Builds More Traffic For Your e-business

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Trick or website traffic? How can a small business owner create more organic or free traffic?

Web 2.0 builds more website traffic by enabling the small business owner to create a web page that each of their visitors can contribute to and or provides the visitor the ability to create Web pages with text, images, video, etc on your website

More traffic begins to occur when visitors can have their own niche related web page or make their opinions known

Web 2.0 expands your niche content base and attracts more natural Search Engine traffic. Each new page created by your visitors are automatically linked within the site for optimal Search Engine results.

Other visitors comment on the newly created pages and or build their own page.

Web 2.0 is much like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Flickr... except it is building traffic for your site.

Your traffic accelerates and spreads virally, just like you have experienced at Facebook... YouTube... Twitter... Flickr

Your visitors in essence help built your business by creating and uploading content for you, by uploading profiles, videos, messages and photo's all related to your niche which in turn increases traffic

They do it because they want to contribute their comments or promote their own niche related business for free!

Web 2.0 builds more traffic by creating relationships and communication between like minded individuals sharing a common niche

Strangers become friends, pass the word virally, and round and round it goes, growing more traffic for you

Generating more traffic begins with Content, which is anything that Web surfers "consume" online... text-based Web pages, photos, videos, even catching up with what's new on Facebook.

SBI! Web 2.0 is the first platform that gives small e-business the same capability.

Web 2.0 is different than blogging because when blogging most of the real niche related content is created by yourself

When blogs do provide for an opportunity for comments these are generally non-existent or of low "content quality" as most blogs are low traffic sites or do not provide an easy format for conversations and niche related information to be shared

Quality content has become so widely accepted as the key that naturally or organically improves listings which creates more traffic

Trick or Traffic?

The Get Rich Quick industry has entered the field with "automated content creators" and "Private Label Content Clubs." At "Private Label Content Clubs," you pay hundreds of dollars for pre-written articles...but here's the problem....

  • Most articles naturally will have nothing to do with your site's niche or theme based business.
  • The articles you buy have to be modified substantially to avoid duplicating the content or changing it to appear to be unique and real content
  • Because these articles are not real original material they are now beginning to be seen by Google as mere tricks
  • Google always catches on to these tricks eventually.
  • Most importantly there's nothing viral about regurgitating old, useless content.

Bottom line is that tricks don't build traffic... Web 2.0 does

Web 2.0 empowers you to build traffic by developing a community that contributes hundreds of pages of real original content for you.

No tricks, this is real. Your site grows more website traffic and becomes a true "hub" for your niche.

Web 2.0 provides a platform just like Facebook, YouTube,Twitter etc.

They provide "the platform " by providing the technology that enables visitors to...upload as easily as possible and then it enables others to visit and interact by rating, commenting, "befriending" and spreading the word even farther.

No trick is needed to build more website traffic, this potent combination is responsible for the explosive viral growth that has made YouTube which serves over 1 billion videos per day!

Facebook is closing in on Google as the most visited site on the Web. Twitter is already in the Top 30.

Your traffic builds itself. Community happens. Website traffic soars.
Your Business grows!

It would cost you tens (hundreds) of millions of dollars to build a platform and pay for the hardware and bandwidth to start a company like Twitter.

SBI! Web 2.0 provides the same traffic building platform at a price that anyone can afford

Web 2.0 is the answer for increasing traffic...Targeted Traffic

No trick just more website traffic

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